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Level I and II Training in the Voice Dialogue Method

The Koumidou Center is the only center offering this training on Long Island and one of a handful of centers in the New York State.

The Psychology of the Aware Ego and the Selves, and the Voice Dialogue Method
What are Voice Dialogue, and the Psychology of the Aware Ego and the Selves? The Psychology of the Aware Ego and the Selves is the study of the many selves residing in our psyche and their impact on our lives. Voice Dialogue is the method by which we contact these selves. This system was created by the internationally renowned husband-and-wife team of psychologists, Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, and is practiced around the world. Voice Dialogue is a highly effective tool that allows us to rapidly gain awareness of our inner selves and spark our journey toward conscious living. This process can provide amazingly powerful experiences of growth, transformation, and healing.

"This training will take you on a self-awareness journey that will have a tremendous impact on how you view yourself and how you relate to others in your personal and business relationships.”

-SL, Attorney

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THE TRAINING: The training will be given at the Koumidou Center in Lynbrook, New York. Participants will have the opportunity to receive 4-5 individual Voice Dialogue facilitations, at least two of which will be with Yolanda Koumidou. In addition, participants will be able to observe and practice facilitations daily and for those interested, gain 36 CASAC hrs. The training enhances your consciousness journey both personally and professionally.

Personally you will be able to:

  • Act instead of react. No longer let others “push your buttons”
  • Enhance your relationships—with your family and friends and at work
  • Handle stress more easily
  • Reach your full potential—creatively, in relationships, and in your career
  • Make balanced decisions and choices that are more rewarding
  • Be more comfortable with yourself—and others
  • Free up your energies and feel fully alive
  • Spark your creativity
  • Feel entitled to your happiness
  • Achieve the “balance” in your life you’ve been working so hard to find
  • Enjoy a genuinely fulfilling life experience with clear understanding and total self-acceptance

Professionally you will be able to:

  • Realize your psyche is made up of many parts—many sub-personalities.
  • Develop an “Aware Ego Process,” a more conscious way of using your personality in handling countertransference.
  • Bring to the surface the disowned or shadowed parts of the psyche.
  • Gain extraordinary insights into common psychological traps for people involved in spiritual or personal development.
  • Become skilled in energetics: e.g., learning to recognize different selves as they are exposed energetically.
  • Be able in turn to teach your clients how to manage their own energetic expressions as well.

EXTRA PLEASURES: The training is given in a small group, maximum eight participants, at the Koumidou Center’s enchanting garden. Breakfast and lunch are served for the entire training by the now famous home cooking of Keti. Creative expression is encouraged and is being offered in the form of art, sand play and movement.

THE PRESENTER and FACILITATORS: Yolanda Koumidou, LCSW, BCD, Executive Director of the Koumidou Center, Senior Facilitator and member of the Voice Dialogue International staff will be conducting the training and facilitating all participants. Ms. Koumidou will be assisted by Mary Adamo, M.S. Ed., SPHR and Virginia Meinke, LCSW—both experienced Voice Dialogue facilitators, trained by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone and part of the Koumidou Center staff for many years.

CERTIFICATES: Training completion certificates will be issued at the end of the training. For rules governing continuing education credit, participants need to contact their respective regulatory boards.

"Yolanda Koumidou is an enthusiastic, exciting, and knowledgeable teacher. She has studied Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of the Selves with us for many years and we are happy to recommend her work—both as a teacher and as a therapist."

- Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone,
creators of Voice Dialogue

Level I is designed for professionals in the fields of psychotherapy and counseling, health care, education, life coaching, body work and communication who are interested in learning the theory of the Psychology of the Aware Ego and the Voice Dialogue Method.

Level II is intended for individuals who are already familiar with Voice Dialogue, the Psychology of the Aware Ego, and the energetics of the selves; and are ready to expand their experience and understanding of the Psychology of the Aware Ego along with its connection to Relationship and Boding Patterns.

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