Seminars by Special Guests



If you would like us to travel to your area for a presentation, please call our Center at 516.568.0306. All seminars are led by Yolanda Koumidou, LCSW.

The following seminars were offered for a multinational audience of mental health professionals:

Utilizing the Approach of the Psychology of Selves to Facilitate the Loosening of Judgments
Woombye, Australia, and Myrtle Beach, SC

Spiritual Advancement Through Embracing the Ego
London, UK

The Personality Genogram: A Tool for Evaluation and Assessment
Thun, Switzerland

Using the Psychology of Selves Framework for Effective Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
New York, NY

The Point of Connection and the Predicament of Seperateness
Malverne, NY

The Psychology of Selves in the Treatment of Addictions
New York, NY

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