Seminars by Special Guests

From time to time we are delighted to invite distinguished teachers from around the world to teach at our Center. Guests that presented over the years include:

Renate Moritz, artist, has been a lecturer and Head of Art and Design in a London college. Her work has been shown in Germany, London and New York. She comes to us from the United Kingdom.

Kris Hanes, Dip. Couns., M.A.C.A.(Level 1), MA Education, author of the book Spiral of Wisdom (coming out 2016) Psychotherapist in Jungian and child psychotherapy. Specialties include dream work, bereavement counselling, Voice Dialogue, Psychosynthesis and conflict resolution. Kris lives and practices on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Jim van der Zanden, creator of 'AuDe', Center for Innovation & Vision Development in the Netherlands.

Judith Tamar Stone, MA, CHT, author and creator of the Body Dialogue Process and founder of Voice Dialogue Connection International in Boulder, Colorado.

Don Stevens, close companion to Meher Baba and author of many books and various literary projects associated with Meher Baba. Don lived in France.

Martha-Lou Cohen, Ph.D., author and Senior Voice Dialogue Facilitator and Teacher practicing in Europe and the United States.

Rev. Ed Tammany, director of Integrative Healing Arts & Institute for the Way of Energy, in Rhode Island.

Larry Novick, Ph.D., author and Head Instructor of ACE Aikido in Los Angeles.

Judith Hendin, PhD., directs the Conscious Body and Voice Dialogue Institute, teaches internationally, and is the author of The Self Behind the Symptom: How Shadow Voices Heal Us.


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