The Inner Eater Selves: Integrating the Parts of the Personality Involved in Eating 18 CE credits for LMSWs and LCSWs

The course which is taught in a 3-day retreat format, is based on the theory of the Psychology of the Selves. It focuses on identifying the various parts of an individual who do the eating; it teaches professionals how to work with clients with eating disorders to help them develop control over these various personality parts and how to master the necessary skills needed to deal with the “new person” as natural weight is reached and maintained. Natural weight is where one is comfortable without inner conflict about their body image.


  • Introduce the basic components of the Psychology of the Selves.
  • Introduce the sup-personalities or inner selves that use food for psychological protection.
  • Present an assessment tool on how to identify the Inner Eaters.
  • Demonstrate how to help clients understand and befriend the Inner Eaters.
  • Explain how to integrate the Inner Eaters with the natural needs of the body.

The retreat is led by Yolanda Koumidou, LCSW.

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